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Cosmetic Dentistry


Experience premier-class cosmetic dentistry in Singapore at the Burlinson Dental Surgery.

Our dentists not only have a reputation for working their magic with cosmetic dentistry, to create beautifully flawless smiles, but also through a relaxed and informal approach, are able to immediately put nervous and worried patients at ease.

Cosmetic dentistry is an art which not only requires your dentist to have a keen eye for detail, but also be a good listener, to ensure that the instructions and expectations of each patient are understood.

At the Burlinson Dental Surgery, the available cosmetic procedures include:

Aesthetic Crowns and Veneers

Fingernail-thick porcelain is used to mask discoloured teeth, and bring them back into alignment forming a brighter, whiter and sparkling smile. With our wide range of porcelain shades, you too can have that Hollywood smile!

Composite Resin Veneers

The tooth-coloured filling material, in place of porcelain, is used to improve the colour and shape of teeth. Composite resin is a cheaper alternative to porcelain and in the appropriate cases, can provide a patient with a superior aesthetic result. These veneers can be placed during a single visit, so patients can enjoy a new smile without delay.

Replacement of Old Silver Amalgams

Would you like to replace your unsightly silver or black fillings? At the Burlinson Dental Surgery, your old fillings can be replaced with a new, white material to match your natural tooth colour.

Teeth Whitening

The Burlinson Dental Surgery offers either the ‘in-chair Zoom 2 advanced laser whitening system’, or the ’30-minute express take-home kit’. The choice is yours, with both systems equally popular with our patients, who are very happy with the amazing results!

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