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Don't Miss Life Due To Missing Tooth ...



Should your mouth have a gap where a tooth has been lost, you may wish to speak to us about the possibility of an implant. This means a fixture to your jawbone, allowing us to build a permanently secure and natural-looking tooth. Implants procedure has been around for a long time, with long-term success, very high.

Your dentist will begin by taking the necessary X-rays and study models to assess your bone levels in the region to be restored. Quite often if you have lost a tooth for a very long time, the bone level in the area will have resorbed. As dental implants require a minimum amount of bone to be placed safely and successfully, a bone-grafting procedure may be required first.

Implants are usually performed over two to three visits. The first appointment involves the placement of the implant; and providing stability has been achieved, the subsequent visits involve restoration through crowns and bridges.

Implants are a very good way to close gaps due to loss of teeth earlier in life. They are not ideal for everyone and Informed consent and the full range of treatment options are always discussed.

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