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Do you need Dentures?

If you no longer have any of your natural teeth, or if you are only missing a few teeth, then you may benefit from having dentures fitted.

Dentures will not only provide you with teeth to eat with, but also give the necessary support for your cheeks and lips. Without them, your facial muscles may sag, thereby giving you the appearance of an older person.

Dentures need regular check-up

If you already have dentures, it is very important that you have regular dental check-ups to ensure that the soft-tissue remains healthy and the teeth that are supporting the dentures are healthy.

How long it takes to complete the treatment?

At the Burlinson Dental Surgery, dentures are usually made within two to three weeks. This time-frame allows for try-in appointments, during which patients are able to see how the final product will look and feel.

At the first appointment, an assessment is performed on your teeth and gums. Once your dentist is satisfied that your existing teeth are able to support your new denture and your gums are healthy, dental impressions are taken. These impressions are sent to our dental technician for teeth production, as per our instructions. The technician we use has been denture-making for more than 30 years.

FAQs About Dentures Treatment in Singapore

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, you can but it is recommended to remove the dentures as this gives a chance for your gums and bone to relax.

You will need some time to adjust and after a while you should be able to eat fairly normally. Though it may take longer to get used to sticky or harder foods.

When you wear for the first time, you will experience some irritation which should become less and eventually fade as your mouth get used to them.

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