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What is Endodontic Treatment?

Sometimes tooth decay can make its way through to the nerve of the tooth, causing pain and sensitivity. Perhaps you have experienced a hard knock to your tooth leaving the tooth nerve injured and infected. Root canal treatment may solve the problem, save your natural teeth from extraction, and subsequent need for dental implants or bridges.

Everyone has heard horror stories about root canal treatment, but performed correctly, the process can be pain-free or done with minimal discomfort.

So what is a root canal treatment?

Well, every tooth has a root canal system located within the root(s). These canals are an extension of the ‘pulp’ – the heart of the tooth, where all the little blood vessels and nerves lie. If dental decay is severe enough and reaches the tooth pulp, then the root canal system can become infected causing an aching pain in, and around the tooth. An abscess (pus) can form at the root tip, which cannot be cleared with antibiotics alone.

Root canal treatment removes the infected nerve tissue through both mechanical and chemical means. A series of files are utilised to remove the infected tissue and an antiseptic solution flushes out any remaining debris. Once your dentist is satisfied that the canal system is as sterile as possible, an inert rubber material and cement is inserted in place of the nerve tissue. This seals the canal from further bacteria attack.

Crowns and/or bridges are often placed after root canal treatment to protect the tooth from fracturing or splitting.

At the Burlinson Dental Surgery, we utilise the most up-to-date root canal treatment processes and equipment, to allow us to provide you with the best possible treatment and outcome

FAQs About Endodontic Treatment in Singapore

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Truth is that root canal treatment is to relieve pain and not to cause pain. With the current modern day procedures the treatment can be almost painless.

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