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Jaw Joints Problems (Pain)

Jaw Joints Problems (Pain)

Clicking or popping sounds coming from the region of your jaw are usually an indication of a jaw joint problem. This may be stress related or stem from an incorrect bite. We can help with the balance of your bite and relieve any pain you may be experiencing. Nightguards or mouth splints can protect your teeth from habitual grinding, which leads to shortened, heavily worn-down teeth, teeth sensitivity, headaches, jaw joint and muscle pain.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to ‘reset’ your bite into a more relaxed and natural position. This may have been lost to you over the years. This involves a specialised approach, which sees the jaw muscles relaxed to enable manipulation. The jaw joint is then eased into a more forward and comfortable position. A hard acrylic splint is then constructed and inserted to maintain and train your teeth into this position.Invisalign has become accepted as a means of orthodontic treatment, used either as stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other applications.

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