Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom Tooth Out … Still Wise.

Do I have Wisdom Tooth Problems?

Are you experiencing a dull ache or a bad taste coming from an extreme back upper or lower tooth? Chances are you are having wisdom tooth problems. Troublesome Wisdom teeth are notorious for ruining holidays and upsetting plans.

When Should I remove my Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth removal can either be fast and simple procedure, or perhaps more complex requiring minor surgery. Diagnostic X-rays and a thorough examination will enable your dentist to give you a more accurate idea as to whether immediate treatment is necessary, or whether this can be delayed.

Following a thorough examination, your dentist will explain the pros and cons of having your tooth removed. Informed consent is always a must. Dependent on the angle and depth of your tooth, surgery involving reflection of your gum, removal of bone and sectioning of your tooth, may be required, to remove it entirely. This is usually followed by the placement of a sutures (stitches) for faster and better healing.

How much time is needed for recovery?

As wisdom teeth removal can be uncomfortable during and after the procedure, we ask that patients organise time off from work for at least four to six days.

FAQs About Wisdom Tooth Removal in Singapore

Frequently Ask Questions

Wisdom tooth are referred to as third molars and are the last teeth to be developed. They are located at the very back of the mouth and their function is to help you grind food as part of your digestive process.

The most common causes to remove wisdom teeth is if they are causing pain, repeated infections, damage to near by teeth and gum disease.

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